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Koshka #2 is out now!!!!

“Homesick and Hungry”, 11 x 17”, 16 pages, b+w with “black, white, and read (red) all over” cover

Inside you’ll find:

-Jonathan Sanchez Leos’ story of gay porn, Russian police, and how they all come together with a Russian corner store

-Riley A. Arthur’s photo essay on handmade greenhouses in the Czech Republic

-Robert Krums’ illustrative jam on the product design in Eastern European grocery stores

- A peek into my Oma’s cache of recipes

- A wee comic on homesickness by Milena Simeonova

-Csenge Csató’s drawings of her granny’s kitchen

-A comics-essay on the gems and phlegms found in Eastern European delis

I won’t be putting copies on Etsy just yet, so copies are now available at Quimby’s in Chicago or through Paypal.  Issue #2 is just $4.00 post-paid to ANYWHERE in the world, and Issue #1 still has copies available at $8.00 pp to the world. 


For a limited time, I am offering a fantastic deal.  Let’s just call it the “I’m almost done with my MFA” sale. For just $10.00 post-paid, you can get both Issue #1 and #2 along with a totally awesome Koshka 1” button featuring the Koshka Kat! It’s a really great deal but will likely only last until the end of the month, so act fast!!

(sorry there aren’t any “real” pics of anything yet, but I’m kinda spread thin and tired lately, and I don’t feel like getting all “blog-pro” and elegantly photographing the stacks of zines in my hallway.)

For Just Issue #2:

For Issue #1:

For Issue #1, #2, and a 1” Koshka pin! Best deal at $10!

vegye vigye! az első pontban említettre eléggé kíváncsi vagyok

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